Enhance Your Carry Loadout For Holiday Volatility

Preparing for an increase in crime and terrorism during Jewish and Christian holidays.

The holidays are here and bad guys are gearing up to take your stuff, and your life if you allow it. We know there is always an increase in criminal activity during the holidays, but Obama’s “Hope and Change” America has added societal stresses uncommon to times past.

Leftist acrimony toward state law enforcement, based on the artificial narrative of racism, has emboldened criminals and created a defensive pullback of once proactive policing.

Intentional flooding of the US with criminal aliens and Muslims hateful of western society have placed more Americans in the cross hairs of opportunistic crime and Islamic attacks.

It’s Too Cold For Your Subcompact.

Jacket and coat weather is a good time to change that Spring and Summer EDC for something more substantial, yet comfortable under layered winter clothing. A larger pistol offers improved sight radius, higher ammo capacity, and combat sustainability should a deadly encounter involve more than a knife-wielding meth junkie collecting “donations” at your local Walmart.

My personal cold weather ritual is to switch out both gun and ammo. Spring and Summer’s subcompact takes a break for Fall and Winter’s full size service pistol, which is easier to access under heavier clothing worn in and outside of retail outlets where “wolves” hunt unsuspecting holiday goers.

Warm/Hot Weather Carry: Glock 30 w/ 31 Rounds 230gr JHP

Cool/Cold Weather Carry: Glock 17 w/ 54 Rounds 147gr JHP Standard Pressure

First Change Your Carry Ammo.

Unless a practitioner of OWB carry, concealed EDC ammo riding close to the human body is exposed to greater levels of humidity than, say, ammo carried externally on a law enforcement duty belt. In other words, six warm and hot months of riding next to your sweaty mass of humanity is enough for those prized JHPs to be escorted to the range burn box.

While modern factory loaded ammunition better withstands tests of time, than its predecessors, loading your mags with new ammo, after six months of carry, ensures every round goes “bang” if needed in a life or death emergency.

Watch This: Reid Henrichs On Choosing Appropriate Carry Ammo

Ammo Porn Has Replaced Gun Porn

Assuming you have the smarts to buy a Glock, Sig, or Smith, choosing the right carry pistol was easy. Choosing the “right” ammo, however, is another, far more subjective matter.

Ammunition choices have never been better and are seemingly endless. Between modern JHP, hard cast +P, and products like “Xtreme Penetrator” there is not much walking on two or four legs than cannot be taken down with a single stack 9mm. (See ALASKAN GUIDE, PHIL SHOEMAKER, USES 9MM OUTDOORSMAN ROUNDS IN A S&W 3954 TO STOP AN ATTACKING GRIZZLY)

While one can argue the merits of any reputable load, a wise rule of thumb for self-defense carry is filling your mags with ammo widely adopted by state and federal law enforcement agencies that also meet FBI standards for interior, external, and terminal ballistics.

EDC Enough Legal Protection

In today’s world carrying a gun is not about piece of mind. In addition to unaffordable healthcare and unabashedly corrupt government, the crime and terror legacy of the Obama Administration has increased the likelihood of armed citizens using deadly force to survive an assault or terrorist attack.

In addition to ample training and weapons competency we need an automated legal plan of action that takes effect immediately after we are involved in a defensive use of deadly force.

Even brandishing your firearm to ward off an attack can invite criminal legal scrutiny, especially for armed citizens living in anti-gun regions of the country.

Having comprehensive legal representation working on your behalf before police arrive on scene is essential to ensuring your rights are protected and freedom maintained after you pull the trigger.

Situational Awareness Is Everything, Until The Shooting Starts.

Knowing what is going on around you is vital to not being caught off guard during a criminal encounter. Whether it is two or more men approaching from different directions or a panhandler distracting you while his accomplice moves in from behind, things out of place feel out of place for a reason.

Human instinct is very adept at telling you when something is wrong. Listen to your “gut” this holiday season and decisively act to protect yourself and loved ones.

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