Betsy Devos Bombs On “Guns in School”

Being a conservative and not understanding the applicability of guns in American society is like being a sports analyst with no athletic experience.

Many “conservative” elites in policy making pay lip service to the idea of the Second Amendment because, as conservatives, they are obligated to a prima facie support of the Constitution.

In reality most elites, conservative or liberal, have no idea why our founders insisted we have unobstructed access to firearms of our choosing.

If asked they fall back on rehearsed answers about the right to self-defense or hunting, neither of which are mentioned in the 27 words of the Second Amendment. (1)

Betsy Devos, Donald Trump’s pick to head the Department of Education, demonstrated her ignorance about guns in American society earlier today when pelted with questions by anti-gun Senator Christopher Murphy of Connecticut.

Devos’ response was bewildering considering Murphy gave her so much rope to hang him with and because no bear, grizzly, black, or brown, has ever attempted an active shooting in a federally-mandated gun free public school.

In all seriousness Devos, had she any practical or philosophical experience with firearms, could have boiled Murphy in his own kettle with any of the following responses:

“Well, Mr. Murphy, school resource officers are armed with guns. Are you suggesting armed law enforcement officers not protect our school children.”

“Well, Mr. Murphy, some states authorize public school teachers to receive CLEET certification to protect their students from active shootings with guns. Are you suggesting armed citizens with law enforcement training not protect our school children from active shooters?”

“Well, Mr. Murphy, had one teacher at Sandy Hook been armed with a gun she could have killed Adam Lanza as he smashed his way into that elementary school, which was on lock down. Instead, a federal mandate that you support prevented any Sandy Hook teacher from being armed and, as a result, twenty children were murdered as they screamed for their parents. So, yes, Mr. Murphy. I can say, definitively today, that guns should be in schools.”

Instead Devos choked at Senator Murphy’s questions, ending her response with an apology for the “gun violence” that rocked Connecticut in December 2012. (2)

Very disappointing. “Sad!”

1. Ask your state and federal representatives why the Second Amendment exists. Their response will likely be anything but “defense from tyranny of the state”, unless they are Libertarian or members of the Tea Party.

Because self defense from criminal deadly force is a natural human right, at the time of our founding as it is today, and hunting a necessity of sustenance, our founders were primarily concerned with an armed society to prevent abusive government. Our “right” to self defense via firearms was never a question of our founding but a natural right bestowed by virtue of our humanity.

State and federally-mandated gun free zones are, in effect, tyrannies of the state since armed citizens, capable of protecting themselves and others from violent death, are extra-judicially deprived of their right to life.

2. No gun, in the global history of firearms, has ever committed an act of violence. Guns, despite pronouncements of the left, are inanimate objects that cannot function without human intervention.

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