The State Will Not Protect You: Ft. Lauderdale Active Shooting Rampage

-Gun free zones and open borders are killing scores of innocent Americans.

-The PC Left has more blood on its hands than ISIS.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – A very familiar scene unfolded at another gun free zone in Ft. Lauderdale on Friday.

A low IQ jihadist import, void of human reason and rationality, shot several forcibly disarmed Americans, murdered five, and created an apocalyptic scene inundated by hundreds of heavily-armed state and federal police helpless to do anything but gather survivors, count KIAs, and begin a lengthy and costly investigation pointlessly centered on ‘shooter motive’. (1)

Gun free zone active shootings in America, where the Supreme Law allows citizens to be armed anytime and anywhere, press the assertion that the state prefers these mass killings to continue. (2) A seeming absurdity on its face yet plausible considering the frequency and dependability of shootings in gun free zones that only result in continued mandates against armed Americans being responsible for our own protection.

The Ft. Lauderdale killer, like all jihadists and deranged active shooters, chose his location not based on tactical advantages, but because he knew victims would be disarmed by state and federal law that unabashedly violates the human and constitutional right of Americans to be armed when and wherever we choose.

The state, that shamelessly maintains gun free zones, is especially culpable in the Ft. Lauderdale shooting.

Not only did the state previously have custody of the shooter, and the gun he used to kill five innocent people, it failed to adjudicate him mentally ill despite meeting every observable standard of an armed and dangerous paranoid schizophrenic professing, to the FBI, a compulsion to serve the world’s largest terrorist organization.

Imagine if, instead, the Ft. Lauderdale shooter was a white NRA member professing to be a Christian crusader of the Knight’s Templar ordained by the trinitarian god to commit acts of violence against Muslims to ‘save Western civilization’. (3)

In that circumstance he would have been disarmed, incarcerated, adjudicated, and forced into an indefinite, confinement-based treatment program for the dangerously mentally ill.

The only conclusion to the state continuing denying Americans our human right to self defense from criminal deadly force, in gun free zones it imposes but does not secure, is that it views our lives far less important than its control over our lives.

1. The Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter hailed from Puerto Rico where the average IQ is 84, 1 point lower than the Average IQ of American Blacks, and 16 or more points lower than the average IQ of White (European) and Asian Americans.

IQ, again, is not a “racist” measure of human worth or value, but of intellect, effectiveness, human reason, and rationality, especially when comparing lower IQ populations functioning in societies with higher IQ populations.

NBA teams, for example, not being populated by people of average height is not because pro basketball is “racist” against people of average height. It is because the abilities of short or average height people are an improbable match for talents needed to be a professional NBA player. No amount of affirmative action could ever change that reality.

2. The Supreme Law, for the factually-impaired Marxist left, is the United States Constitution.

3. The only thing more dangerous than a deranged, low IQ, armed jihadists in a gun free zone is the Marxist, anti-Western, PC, mass immigration policies that allowed him existence within the United States.

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