Your Weapons Instructor Is NOT A Legal Expert

Never accept legal advice from someone teaching you to win a gunfight, unless he is also a gun law attorney. 

No one should be armed in public without ample training and firearm-specific legal insurance. 

Police officers are law enforcers, not lawyers or law makers. 


Statements weapon and CCW instructors have made on the range and in the classroom:

The Second Amendment only extends to the confines of your home.”

Always talk to the police first after a self-defense shooting, not a lawyer.”

Your carry permit protects you in a defensive shooting, not the Second Amendment.”

Knowing the law is your responsibility. Not being a lawyer is no excuse.”

If you shoot somebody shooting somebody, you are going to jail.”

Carry the smallest caliber you can. My carry gun is a .22.”


Gun Range, USA – ‘Wow’ is the response to a lot of what I hear some weapons and CCW instructors say about how state, federal, and the Supreme Law apply to carrying and discharging a gun in self-defense.*

Those who have sought weapons training from a variety of sources know levels of quality differ among instructors. Some overcharge for what they deliver. Others are well worth the money and expense of ammo.

Not worth a dime, however, is any legal advice you receive from someone solely responsible for improving your weapons familiarity and terminal accuracy.

State gun laws, the standard by which you will be judged after a self-defense shooting, drastically vary and constantly change. Many are purposely ambiguous and intentionally allow large degrees of prosecutorial discretion.

In my so-called “gun friendly” state of Oklahoma you can be charged with a felony for pointing your gun at an armed attacker but not shooting him. Arrests under these circumstance have happened on several occasions.

Because of such inexplicably stupid laws my state’s criminal legal culture assumes ‘if you show your gun but do not use your gun, you did not need to show your gun in the first place’.

These punitive, anti-gun customs are changing, thanks to our local Second Amendment association, but legislation is a slow process and changes to criminal legal culture slower.

Receiving quality training and having firearm-specific legal insurance, before carrying a firearm, are extremely important. The former prevents you from being a liability to bystanders during a shooting. The latter from being a legal liability to yourself after a shooting. 

Always have the means and training to defend yourself from criminal deadly force, but also the legal means to defend your freedom from the force of bad, outdated, and senseless criminal codes that are as much a threat to honest armed citizens as violent recidivists.

And please, never take legal advice from your weapons instructor.

*The “Supreme Law”,  for you poli sci grads and Democrat-voting Hamiltonians, means “The US Constitution”.

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