Liberal Trump Panic Intensifies

Progressive left even crazier over Trump. Reduction of illegals, voter fraud investigation, and Comey firing have upped the pucker factor for Democrats, media, and the Deep State.

ASRP – 5/16/2017 – Political Analysis

Those expecting fewer hysterics from the anti-Trump Washington sheepocracy are in for a “yuuge” disappointment.

Reduction of low IQ Democrat-voting imports, combined with inquires into corruption at the highest levels of government, are causing mass panic in the DC swamp.

Instead of expecting Trump to turn a fraction of his campaign platform into policy, Democrats are obstructing at all levels and fabricating fake news conspiracies to conceal the national abandonment of their party’s ideas.


Liberalism is not an ideology but an emotion. Ideologies, no matter how rudimentary or advanced, require ability to reason.


There are three Trump initiatives particularly irksome to progressive liberals.

First is Trump significantly stemming the flow of uninvited illiterates from the murder and rape hellholes of the world.

Mexico, where illegal crossings into the US are down 60 percent since Trump’s inauguration, recently took the horrid distinction of being the planet’s second most deadly country, losing top spot to war-torn Syria. In 2016 Mexico produced a whopping 23,000 fatalities mostly attributed to small arms fire, despite civilian possession of guns being illegal there. 1

The precipitous drop in illegal aliens coming to the US is problematic for Democrats. Their political future dependents on incorporating millions of unskilled foreigners from regions where natural rights are irrelevant and government authority unquestioned.

Image result for illegals crossing the us mexican border
Well, that wasn’t easy!

A second issue driving the batshit crazy left toward the event horizon of its own oblivion is Trump commissioning a bipartisan panel to investigate election fraud throughout the US.

Worth note is Trump’s claim he lost the 2016 popular vote due to millions of illegals, illegally, voting in the November election. An assertion labeled “crazy” by Democrats and the media.

A nation-wide voter fraud investigation is, however, likely to expose what state level voter fraud investigations already have: Democrat involvement in illegal alien and non-US citizen registration and voting.

Ridicule aside there is great unease among liberals about Trump’s voter fraud investigation. Expect, therefore, any and all unlawful findings to be labeled “racists, bigoted, and sexist”.

The third Trumpian nightmare for the left began more recently with the abrupt and “totally unexpected” termination of inept FBI Director James Comey last Tuesday.

Image result for james clapper before congress
Not to worry. Our bureaucracies are staffed with selfless, non-partisans interested only in upholding the Constitution and preserving the civil liberties of all Americans! (Punch yourself in the face if you believe that.)

In actuality Comey sealed his fate as ex-FBI Director on July, 5 2016 by laying out a case for Hillary Clinton’s federal indictment only to withhold a criminal referral. In one 15 minute press conference Comey destroyed the Bureau’s credibility and reputation as an impartial criminal investigative agency. 

Behind the left’s contrived astonishment at Comey’s foreseeable dismissal is real anxiety. Comey’s firing indicates Trump is serious about draining the DC swamp, starting with the bloat and corruption in our domestic and foreign intelligence agencies. 

The greatest fear among liberals, worthless establishment Republicans, and the deep state is the US government being transformed from an institution of privilege, for insiders and elites, to a weaker entity brought to heel by the thesis of our founding documents and order of the Supreme Law.

1. It is foreseeable that Mexico will become an area of conventional US military operations as drug cartel capital flows become threatened by an encroaching border wall. Assuming, of course, Trump keeps his promise to build a wall.


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