The State Will Not Protect You. UK Islamic Attack Number…. ?

-Liberal Western governments would rather us die than we protect ourselves with deadly force from deadly force. 
-Travel bans can stop the illness from spreading but the disease exists among millions of Muslims living in Western nations teaching their children and grandchildren to condone hatred and murder of non-Muslims. 
-Discovery of non-citizen radical Muslims must involve immediate deportation. Get them out now! 
-Naturalized Muslims allegiant to Islamic violence must be denaturalized and removed from Western society.
-Western civilization has been inclusive to the extent of near extinction.
-The terror cell is Islam. Radicalization is life long, not acute inspiration.


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ASRP – 6/4/2017 – Islamic Violence and Domestic Security: London Terror Attacks

The only thing more infuriating than jihadist rat droppings being imported to murder us is our governments responding to these Islamic known wolf attacks with the insulting rhetoric of “greater awareness and more security”.

Realistically, why should policies protecting our communities and way of life be an emphasis of Western governments at all? A “follow the money” model clearly demonstrates the beneficiaries of Islamic attacks are the very institutions mandated to prevent terrorism.

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Current so called counter terrorism commands more tax dollars for domestic security, destroys freedom, and limits social mobility, but does nothing to stop the flow of hateful Muslims inundating our cities or remove jihadists known to harbor ill intent toward our nations.

In 2013 the US government alone employed 1.4 million people with top secret security clearances having something, if not everything, to do with counter terrorism.

By 2017 the number of “security professionals” has exponentially grown in the Western world, yet so too have the number of Islamic attacks and risks we face each time we leave our homes. 

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Greater financial and tactical emphasis on expanding government to prevent Muslim violence within Western nations has proven insolvent as current investigative techniques do not address promotional violence within the Islamic faith.

Despite many dedicated intelligence officials wanting to aggressively act on known Islamic threats, thousands more within government and the IC are unwilling to cross the line of political correctness or, regarding the deep state, are simply happy with the kickbacks of status quo Islamic terrorism.

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Government that intentionally endangers us with militant Islam, while outlawing means by which we can defend ourselves, is as evil as the violent extremists it claims to oppose.

If the best prevention of a specific danger is not being exposed to its risk, why do Western government immigration policies repeatedly lay us bare to the dangers of Islamic violence then lecture us on racism and intolerance when we object?

If armed police response to the scene of a Islamic attack is so grossly disproportional to lives lost, why do Western governments insist on maintaining gun free zones, gun ban policies, and prohibitions on self defense?

Who are the real winners and losers of gun bans and pro-Islamic immigration?

The state will not protect you.  

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