Can Anyone Survive An Ambush?

Officer Miosotis Familia, 48, died after she was shot in the head by Alexander Bonds who fired a revolver into a parked police vehicle in the Bronx.

ASRP – 7/8/2017 – On Guns – Weapons Instruction – Ambush Attacks

Many unfortunate lessons about deadly force encounters have been learned at the expense of unsuspecting victims who could not comprehend their attacker’s intent, or even see a coming attack .

Speed and accuracy are derivatives of ample training and weapons familiarity, but preventing an ambush is more about understanding what is going to happen and stopping an attacker before he can incapacitate you.

The most disadvantageous elements of an ambush are unawareness and vulnerability. Those not wanting to become an assault or murder statistic should avoid both.

We should expect violent confrontation every time we leave our homes and upon returning without incident be thankful we did not undergo the psychological and legal quandaries of using our firearm.

Opposite unawareness and vulnerability are situational awareness and the imposition of overwhelming force against a determined attacker. Self-defense, after all, is not about fighting but cruelty.

Knowing a violent event is about to happen allows time to unlock the mental and physical mechanics of assessment and response, increasing our chances of surviving an attack.

There are no absolutes or guarantees to surviving an ambush. All we can do is be aware enough, trained enough, faster, and more accurate than our attackers.

Luck and divine intervention always welcome.

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