The State Will Not Protect You: Bronx Lebanon Hospital Shooting

-Familiar scene at Bronx hospital shooting; scores of helpless rifle-toting LEO at gun free zone shooting aftermath. Victims strewn about, shooter dead by own hand, not cops’ fault. Anti-gun policy makers to blame.

-Despite scores of deranged lunatic killings in gun free shoot houses each year, liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans rather lawful citizens die than have armed, fighting chance at surviving mass shootings in gun free zones.

-Only way to survive shooting in gun free zone is disobey the rules, carry your gun, have subsequent legal plan of action.

-Is a policy or law against guns more important than your natural human right to survive a criminal deadly force event? Sadly “yes” for most compliant sheeple.

-Gun laws have very little public safety application. Any determined psychopath can obtain a gun anywhere in the world.

-Shootings in US gun free zones at a political stalemate. Liberal regions, where most active shootings occur, mentally conditioned to not demand responsibility for own protection. Regions with few gun laws see few mass fatality shootings.

-Schools, medical facilities, and churches worst places to be unarmed. Most targeted, least secure.

ASRP – 7/5/2017 – Active Shootings, Gun Free Zones, Gun Laws, Gun Bans

Bronx, NY – Last Friday a lump of excrement with arms and legs walked passed a hospital security checkpoint with an extremely stupid-looking ‘New York AR-15’ hidden under a physician’s lab coat.

Libtards of the NY Legislature’s legally restricted version of America’s favorite carbine.

The turd, Nigerian born and Dominican med school-educated Dr. Henry Bello, came to his former place of work, a gun free zone with armed security, to murder another physician he considered responsible for the destruction of his medical career. *

Angered the doctor he planned to assassinate was away, Bello simply opened fire on those present killing one and injuring six.

The shooter, dead from lighting himself on fire then suck-starting his own rifle, was, to those who knew him, a total lunatic whom, at the apex of his insanity, blasted former colleagues and total strangers in a gun free zone where his victims’ only defense was the false security of knowing guns were prohibited in the place they were being shot.

Believing some sticker and no gun policy protects you from a violent, involuntary shooting death makes you as crazy as any active shooter.

Imagine bleeding out form a bullet wound at your gun free place of work and the last thought through your fading consciousness is, “How did that guy get in here with a gun? This is a gun free environment!”

Sadly this thought pervades the minds of many mass shooting victims, not to mention the number one question for moronic anti-gun policy makers staunchly advocating citizen disarmament over the decade long bull market in gun free zone active shootings.


The state will not protect you. 


Trump on gun free zones: Mr. President, are you going to do anything for the Second Amendment? Your first day was a long time ago.

*Nothing against 84 average  IQ Nigerians, or Caribbean medical schools, but does the US medical community really need physicians from either?


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