The State Will Not Protect You: Deep State Hate For Trump Travel Ban

Global and domestic instability job security for the deep state.

Travel ban good first step but mostly symbolic. Gate into US wide open for decades under likes of Obama and Bush.

-SCOTUS reinstatement of Trump travel ban asserts US Constitution is NOT a global document. 

-Many dangerous jihadists already in US planning to equal or rival 9/11 attacks.

All non-US citizen residents with jihadists/sharia sympathies should be immediately deported.

-Low IQ illegals and refugees from terror states ensure societal instability and violence, and Democrat votes.

Japan: school children can walk city streets at night, immigration heavily regulated, relative cultural homogeneity, 105 average IQ. Much safer than Europe or US!

Average US IQ is 98 and falling. US becoming dumber, not smarter!

Travel banned Somalia average IQ is 68.

-50 to 70 IQ considered mildly retarded. US no place for scores of mildly retarded, traumatized people from shittiest nations on earth.

No foreign citizen should be allowed residency in the US unless minimum IQ of 90 and willing to assimilate.

-America needs to take in world’s best, not world’s dumbest and most irrational.

US is not the world’s life coach. Lead by example, not by destroying the republic.

ASRP – Independence Day 2017 – Trump Travel Ban, Democrats, Deep State, Islamic Violence

The SCOTUS decision to reinstate a partial travel ban on six – and only six – African and Middle Eastern nations has become the latest rallying cry of hysteria for three institutions similarly interested in bad things happening as a result of inapplicable foreigners flooding into the United States.

Jihadists lose as a result of the ban being reinstated since Muslim combatants from the six targeted nations will have somewhat more difficulty accessing physical targets in the US.

Islamic militants coming into the US from countries not part of the ban will, however, enter unobstructed unless under investigation for terror ties. 

Bomb them there and leave them there or don’t bomb them at all and leave them alone, but stop bombing them there and bringing them here!

Democrats, including the leftist media and its Marxist antifa allies, are enraged over the upheld travel ban as it slows the import of low IQ, non-skilled citizens from the world’s most insufferable hellholes.

Tapering off uninvited illiterates threatens the growing Democratic voting base of foreign nationals antagonistic toward American freedoms and individual liberties.

Millions coming into the US from regions where government authority is absolute, and demands for civil rights violently suppressed, are a boon for Democrat policy makers seeking to replace American “deplorables” – their former voting base – with compliant foreign constituents used to not questioning government or those who run it.

Lastly, the deep state suffers from the Trump travel ban since any reduction of threats to American society is a threat to the bloated institutional security empire.

What need would Americans have of a government confiscating our money and freedom for “security” if potentially dangerous people, with no ability or willingness to assimilate, were simply prevented from ever entering the country?

The state will not protect you.

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